Web Tools

Welcome to my personal index of the most useful sites and software on the internet. If you believe that I’ve missed something, just send me a message and let me know. The categories covered in this index are as follows:

  1. Business and Productivity
  2. Cryptocurrency
  3. Cryptography and Privacy
  4. Webmaster Tools and Coding
  5. Do-It-Yourself


Productivity and Teamwork

  • Trello – Free project management board, web and app based
  • Drive Notepad – Lightweight browser based notepad with Google Drive integration
  • OpenOffice – Free open source alternative to Microsoft Office suite
  • SimpleMind – Elegant multi-platform mind mapping software (paid)
  • LucidChart – Cloud based mind mapping. Collaboration and Drive integration available (free and paid versions available)
  • GetGuesstimate – Chart data inputs and get real number estimates based on simple graphical diagram inputs
  • TimeBuddy – Time converter and world clock
  • Google Apps – The best of the Google Apps product lineup
  • Google Sheets Functions List – Discover the powerful data processing and referencing functions of Google Sheets
  • Cite This For Me – Create quick references in Harvard, APA, and MLA
  • LyX – Open source tool for math formula creation
  • Zurmo – Open source, self-hosted CRM suite

File Storage and Information Sharing

  • Supload – Earn Bitcoin/view on your shared pics
  • Storj – Blockchain-based cloud storage (50 GB free). Earn crypto by contributing storage space to the network.
  • Syncthing – Free open source cloud server and sync software with apps
  • Imgur – Photo sharing
  • DepFile – Anonymous file sharing
  • Pastebin – Anonymous public info sharing
  • Fax.co.uk – Email to Fax/SMS and Fax/SMS to email
  • lmgtfy – Let Me Google That For You
  • Boxcryptor – Encrypt your cloud storage accounts (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc)

Communications and Messaging

Social Media Marketing

Media Design, Storage, and Sharing

  • PhotoMe – Exif viewer and editor
  • ExifTool – View and edit photo metadata
  • Supload – Earn Bitcoin/view on your shared pics
  • Imgur – photo sharing
  • Giphy – Extensive archive of free gif images
  • Google Photos – photo sharing and storage
  • Pixelknot – Hide secret messages in your photos
  • webm Land – Upload, convert, and share any video online (NSFW)
  • Icon Archive – Massive archive of free icons and logos
  • ezGIF – Detailed multi-function online GIF editor (Free)
  • Convert2mp3 – Download YouTube videos or convert to mp3 audio (Free, Legal, No account necessary)
  • OnlineConverter – Convert numerous image files, documents, videos, etc to GIF. Convert ebook, PDF, countless audio formats, video formats, etc. (Free, No account necessary)

Finance and Accounting


General Information

  • Bitcoin.org – The official website of the Bitcoin Foundation
  • Preev – Bitcoin price calculator and ticker
  • USD to BTC – Instant conversion of $1 into bitcoin (easy spreadsheet import value)
  • ResoNova News – Telegram Channel with live cryptocurrency news updates
  • WalletWatch – Real time feed of btc going in and out of the xCoins master wallet
  • Cryptopia IRC – Chat with the bitcoin community from Cryptopia
  • CoinDesk – Cryptocurrency news and alerts
  • CryptoCompare – Peer reviews on blockchains, coins, sites, apps, and programs
  • Crypto City – The unofficial social hub of the cryptocurrency community
  • Bitcoin Academic Research – Extensive archives of bitcoin-related academic research
  • The Bitcoiner Library – A rare collection of technical tools and information
  • Bitcoin.pdf – The original Satoshi White Paper which defines bitcoin
  • The Book of Satoshi – A collection of (almost) all known communications of Satoshi Nakamoto as well as general commentary. (PDF)

Blockchain Explorers

Altcoin Information

Wallets (apps, software, etc)

  • Jaxx – Secure multi-crypto storage with adjustable mining fees for increased speed
  • Coinbase – Bitcoin and Ethereum wallet with integrated purchasing and trading
  • CoinPayments – multi-crypto merchant tools and wallets
  • Coin Space – Quick and lightweight bitcoin wallet creation
  • CounterWallet – Secure, Simple, Open Source web wallet
  • CoinB.in – Powerful free wallet platform which allows instant generation of multi-sig wallets for escrow. Sign and broadcast raw bitcoin transactions into the blockchain, or just use as a simple wallet. Client-side encryption fully implemented.

Buy and Sell Bitcoin

  • CEX.io – Buy Bitcoin with a credit card
  • xCoins – Buy Bitcoin quickly with a credit/debit card
  • xCoins – Sell Bitcoin and make a profit
  • Bitbond – P2P bitcoin lending

Trade Currency and Digital Assets

Trade Automation Bots and Scripts

Currency Charts

  • Chart Links – Quick chart links to major cryptocurrencies on major exchanges
  • Kraken chart links – Chart links for the top currency pairs on Kraken Exchange
  • CryptoWatch – One of the highest quality free charting systems on the Internet
  • Blockchain.info – The BTC/USD chart from one of the first wallet providers in the industry

Crypto Mining

Bitcoin Investing

  • Ethtrade – One of the top HYIP systems with provable sustainability
  • Trade Coin Club – New and quickly growing club of investors using powerful automated cryptocurrency trading software
  • Global HYIP Network – Daily updates on the hottest HYIPs and strategies
  • P2Core – Invest in professional peers with proven historical gains. Earn dividends every month.


Information and Data

Hashing and Encryption


Online Anonymity

  • TorGuard – Proxies, VPN, Anon Email
  • Cliqz – Sleek, German-made browser with several built in privacy features
  • BuyProxies.org – Low cost proxies. Bitcoin payment available
  • Proxy Switcher – Rotate proxies with automated parameters
  • Tor Project – The legendary darknet browser
  • Orbot – Access the darknet on Android
  • The Hidden Wiki – Directory to the darknet
  • Tails – The anonymous OS – Snowden approved 😉
  • The Guardian Project – Android apps collection
  • ICanHazIP – Check your IP address (simple text display)
  • ip.33btc.us – Check your IP address (matrix themed)

Anonymous Messaging


Information and Research

Web Based Editors

  • Drive Notepad – Simple, free, multi-style, multi-language browser based notepad
  • js fiddle – Collaborate and compile Java, CSS, and HTML for free (No signup necessary)
  • Tryit Editor (v3.3) – Simple HTML rendering tool (No signup process)
  • Cloud9 – Powerful, freemium, multi-language hosting and coding collaboration tool
  • Glitch – Build full featured bots, apps, and tools in a collaborative environment

Essential Collection

Google Developer Resources

  • Apps Script Oauth2 – OAuth2 for Apps Script is a library for Google Apps Script that provides the ability to create and authorize OAuth2 tokens as well as refresh them when they expire.
  • Auto Updating Google Sheets – Tired of finding, copying and pasting data into spreadsheets? With a few lines of code, you can set up a self-updating spreadsheet in Google Docs that fetches and stores data for you.
  • Cache-Busting Script for IMPORTHTML – Overcome the limitations of the unpredictable Google Apps cache in Google Sheets by leveraging this simple script

Python Utilities

URL Utilities

Web Hosting Providers

  • WebHost Pro – Low cost web hosting. SSH available. Start at $3/month.
  • WIX Hosting – Basic and easy to use. No SSH access.
  • Google Sites – Free but with limited functions. No SSH access.
  • Anon Speech – Anon domain registration, hosting, email, SSL, etc. (Bitcoin accepted)
  • AWS Free Tier – Free entry level web hosting by Amazon

Domain Research