I hereby claim:

* I am an admin of https://willinspire.us
 * I am 1010 (https://keybase.io/1010) on keybase.
 * I have a public key ASD88fgaRJM1MGE9b1B-SNvofER29oeHlUjjchuSlHMcWwo

To do so, I am signing this object:

 "body": {
 "key": {
 "eldest_kid": "0120fcf1f81a44933530613d6f507e48dbe87c4476f687879548e3721b9294731c5b0a",
 "host": "keybase.io",
 "kid": "0120fcf1f81a44933530613d6f507e48dbe87c4476f687879548e3721b9294731c5b0a",
 "uid": "7a5df5ffa0dec2228d90b8d0a0f1b019",
 "username": "1010"
 "service": {
 "hostname": "willinspire.us",
 "protocol": "https:"
 "type": "web_service_binding",
 "version": 1
 "client": {
 "name": "keybase.io go client",
 "version": "1.0.23"
 "ctime": 1496283132,
 "expire_in": 504576000,
 "merkle_root": {
 "ctime": 1496283111,
 "hash": "316cb80ca942d531ebbd975fab4b91da7ef8ae8df3194090b030b3fbc5d2886d91e583e23910cfd9db22b299419004e7bf0aebc530613f082853d340f51ea1f1",
 "seqno": 1133675
 "prev": "b794dd73b165a497b6fd8cdf960a7abcc33d4feaebf517a585330e3275a78c7e",
 "seqno": 8,
 "tag": "signature"

which yields the signature:


And finally, I am proving ownership of this host by posting or
 appending to this document.

View my publicly-auditable identity here: https://keybase.io/1010


My Goals


Latest Revision: 20170604
Goals are very interesting in that they sprout from the very essence of who we are as people. Goals are the self-directed road map to where we each desire to go in life. Our choice of life goals is directly connected to the pains we have experienced.
Pain is a universal reveler of our true nature. It is within the fires of suffering that greatness is born and weakness is revealed. The pain we experience then translates into life-long reactions by the formation of goals (intentional or otherwise). These goals are our treasures which no man can take away.

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Fear vs Freedom

“I’d rather be a homeless man on a mission than an average guy without a reason to live.”

~ William Thompson

Have you ever felt that after putting in the time at work and all the time necessary to maintain your family and personal well being that the remaining time is too little to bother with “truly living”? It’s so boring most of the time and you wish with all your heart that you could go on an adventure or a vacation without having to miss payments on your bills and miss time at work – but you’re trapped.

With the way our society is structured people often fall into a rut that feels rather hopeless – I was there only a few years ago. I worked at a gas station. And no matter how hard I tried to climb the ranks or save money or allocate time to adventure, I couldn’t ignore the harsh reality that I was a slave to that lifestyle. The money was never quite enough so I had to cut out simple luxuries. The time was never enough so I had to cut out adventures. And at the end of the day I just wanted to get rested up so that I could adequately perform my job the following day. It was a hopeless cycle. Continue reading Fear vs Freedom