The Question of Motivation

Why do so few people seem to ever possess motivation?

Motivation and enthusiasm manifest as desire and interest, and as a driving force that pushes you to take action and pursue goals. A lack of motivation is the main reason for failure and it is the core reason behind why 98% of people are “okay” with living a mediocre life. Continue reading The Question of Motivation

The Dropout Hall Of Fame

I often struggled in school – In my mind it was never engaging enough or relevant enough or fast enough, and it always took up way too much time out of every day. As a result I rarely made time to study and barely scraped by with just enough effort to maintain passing grades. I finally graduated high school and did what most other high-school graduates are pressured by their peers and parents into doing – I went to college. It didn’t take long before I had taken all that I could take. After two semesters of college, I dropped out and never returned.


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