Currency Supply And Centralized Private Banking


There is a very real and wide spread financial crisis which plagues modern society today. Those who recognize the existence of such calamity often readily divert from such discussions as they entail a great level of complexity. Not only that – most people would rather not begin discussing the greed-driven central banking crisis because the topic is really quite disturbing (Take a quick look at the US Debt Clock and you can get a quick glimpse of why many are disturbed by the topic). Denial, however, will not ever bring a solution to the problems at hand. The TRUTH about these matters is what has the power to SET YOU FREE.  Continue reading Currency Supply And Centralized Private Banking

All Of The World’s Money

Have you ever wondered how much money exists in the world? If you have, did you go the next intuitive step and question in what form this money exists?
For those who have wondered about such matters (and for some who never thought to question it in the least), I present to you The Money Project‘s epic info graphic, “Comparing The World’s Money And Markets”.
(Please read carefully – Click the photo to enlarge text, if necessary)

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