Using Linux: Exploring System Hardware

Weather you’re a hardcore gamer looking to discover weaknesses within your gaming command center or a curious Linux power-user wanting to calculate your hashing power for password cracking or cryptocurrency mining or perhaps you’re just curious about what’s under the hood – HERE’S HOW TO DO IT! Continue reading Using Linux: Exploring System Hardware

Stoken 2FA – A ‘Google Authenticator’ App For Linux

If you are using a Linux-based computer, you can easily run a two factor authentication program which performs all of the functions of popular Google Authenticator app from inside your terminal. Just install Stoken (a name derived by the combination of the words “Software” and “Token”) by running the following command:
 sudo apt-get install stoken

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I hereby claim:

* I am an admin of
 * I am 1010 ( on keybase.
 * I have a public key ASD88fgaRJM1MGE9b1B-SNvofER29oeHlUjjchuSlHMcWwo

To do so, I am signing this object:

 "body": {
 "key": {
 "eldest_kid": "0120fcf1f81a44933530613d6f507e48dbe87c4476f687879548e3721b9294731c5b0a",
 "host": "",
 "kid": "0120fcf1f81a44933530613d6f507e48dbe87c4476f687879548e3721b9294731c5b0a",
 "uid": "7a5df5ffa0dec2228d90b8d0a0f1b019",
 "username": "1010"
 "service": {
 "hostname": "",
 "protocol": "https:"
 "type": "web_service_binding",
 "version": 1
 "client": {
 "name": " go client",
 "version": "1.0.23"
 "ctime": 1496283132,
 "expire_in": 504576000,
 "merkle_root": {
 "ctime": 1496283111,
 "hash": "316cb80ca942d531ebbd975fab4b91da7ef8ae8df3194090b030b3fbc5d2886d91e583e23910cfd9db22b299419004e7bf0aebc530613f082853d340f51ea1f1",
 "seqno": 1133675
 "prev": "b794dd73b165a497b6fd8cdf960a7abcc33d4feaebf517a585330e3275a78c7e",
 "seqno": 8,
 "tag": "signature"

which yields the signature:


And finally, I am proving ownership of this host by posting or
 appending to this document.

View my publicly-auditable identity here:


Massive AWS S3 Outage Causes Coinbase Error

Large scale disruptions occurred today (20170228) as the “Simple Storage Service” (S3) provided by Amazon Web Services suffered what Amazon has called “increased error rates.” No information is currently know about what has caused these “increased error rates” in the Amazon servers. The fallout from this wide spread outage has been staggering. Continue reading Massive AWS S3 Outage Causes Coinbase Error

Fatal Cloudflare Security Bug Discovered – Millions of Domains Compromised

The “Cloudbleed”

Cloudflare revealed a serious bug in its software yesterday which caused sensitive data like passwords, cookies and authentication tokens to spill unencrypted from its customers’ websites. The announcement is a major blow for the content delivery network, which offers enhanced security and performance for more than 5 million websites. Continue reading Fatal Cloudflare Security Bug Discovered – Millions of Domains Compromised

How To Mine Cryptocurrency With An Outdated Computer

We all have them – old relics from the by-gone days of computing just collecting dust in the garage or closet. Until recently such clunky old computers had little chance of ever seeing the light of day again (besides a possible reassignment as a Linux-driven server of sorts). Since the recent surge in the popularity of bitcoin, the owners of outdated computers are asking, “How do I set up my old computer to mine bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency?” This brief article will attempt to provide an answer to that question.

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