On Proof of Stake Design Philosophy

“Cryptography is truly special in the 21st century because cryptography is one of the very few fields where adversarial conflict continues to heavily favor the defender. Castles are far easier to destroy than build, islands are defendable but can still be attacked, but an average person’s ECC keys are secure enough to resist even state-level actors. Cypherpunk philosophy is fundamentally about leveraging this precious asymmetry to create a world that better preserves the autonomy of the individual…”
Vitalik ButerinInventor of Ethereum

Currency Supply And Centralized Private Banking


There is a very real and wide spread financial crisis which plagues modern society today. Those who recognize the existence of such calamity often readily divert from such discussions as they entail a great level of complexity. Not only that – most people would rather not begin discussing the greed-driven central banking crisis because the topic is really quite disturbing (Take a quick look at the US Debt Clock and you can get a quick glimpse of why many are disturbed by the topic). Denial, however, will not ever bring a solution to the problems at hand. The TRUTH about these matters is what has the power to SET YOU FREE.  Continue reading Currency Supply And Centralized Private Banking

Fed up with the Bittrex charting system? Here’s what I did about it.


Bittrex Exchange (located at bittrex.com) has become a fairly common destination for thousands of cryptocurrency traders (myself included). While the exchange boasts several coins that aren’t traded anywhere else along with fairly decent liquidity (depending on the asset you are trading), Bittrex is most definitely not without a few bumps in the road. The greatest of which – in my opinion – is the charting system and the method with which it is implemented on the platform. Continue reading Fed up with the Bittrex charting system? Here’s what I did about it.

All Of The World’s Money

Have you ever wondered how much money exists in the world? If you have, did you go the next intuitive step and question in what form this money exists?
For those who have wondered about such matters (and for some who never thought to question it in the least), I present to you The Money Project‘s epic info graphic, “Comparing The World’s Money And Markets”.
(Please read carefully – Click the photo to enlarge text, if necessary)

Continue reading All Of The World’s Money

Massive AWS S3 Outage Causes Coinbase Error

Large scale disruptions occurred today (20170228) as the “Simple Storage Service” (S3) provided by Amazon Web Services suffered what Amazon has called “increased error rates.” No information is currently know about what has caused these “increased error rates” in the Amazon servers. The fallout from this wide spread outage has been staggering. Continue reading Massive AWS S3 Outage Causes Coinbase Error

Why People Argue Bitcoin Price but Miss the Bitcoin Value


The burdens of financial responsibilities begin to weigh down on us at an early age. For some, such as myself, the rat race began early. For others, more financially blessed, those burdens are postponed. But at the end of the day – at some point – the reality finally sets in: We need to eat, pay bills, and begin to provide for those we love. Continue reading Why People Argue Bitcoin Price but Miss the Bitcoin Value

How To Mine Cryptocurrency With An Outdated Computer

We all have them – old relics from the by-gone days of computing just collecting dust in the garage or closet. Until recently such clunky old computers had little chance of ever seeing the light of day again (besides a possible reassignment as a Linux-driven server of sorts). Since the recent surge in the popularity of bitcoin, the owners of outdated computers are asking, “How do I set up my old computer to mine bitcoin or some other cryptocurrency?” This brief article will attempt to provide an answer to that question.

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