Ubuntu 18.04 install bug fix

Fix the Ubuntu 18.04 Installation Bug (10 Simple Steps)

Several Ubuntu users have been complaining about a particularly annoying bug that has occasionally manifested in the installation process of the new Ubuntu version 18.04 resulting in a “login loop” and an inaccessible system. Here’s how to fix the bug.Many people have reported that Nvidia graphics drivers are the root cause behind this bug (which doesn’t surprise me as I’ve had to deal with Nvidia bugs before). A few steps must be taken to resolve the bug. These steps include the necessary addition of the ‘nomodeset’ parameter to the Grub boot settings and the successful addition of the appropriate Nvidia drivers. Here are the exact steps you should take to completely resolve the issue:

  1. Make sure that “Fast Boot” is disabled
  2. Hold SHIFT during boot to reach the Grub2 kernels list
  3. Press ‘e‘ to edit the first kernel displayed
  4. Find the line ending with quiet splash
  5. Change “quiet splash” to “nomodeset
  6. Finish the edit and boot with F10 to complete system installation
  7. After the installation process you will need to reboot again
  8. During the post-install reboot, press ‘e‘ when you encounter Grub2 and make the following change: Add “nouveau.modeset=0” at the end of the line that contains the word “LINUX
  9. Press CONTROL + X to boot with the modified Grub2 entry
  10. After booting the system you will need to install the appropriate Nvidia drivers

After completing these ten steps your new Ubuntu 18.04 system should be properly installed and running.

If you would like to read more information about this topic, here are some useful resources you should check out:

(Please leave comments if you have additional insights into this bug or if you spot any corrections that I need to make to this article.)

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