Stoken RSA SecurID

Stoken 2FA – A ‘Google Authenticator’ App For Linux

If you are using a Linux-based computer, you can easily run a two factor authentication program which performs all of the functions of popular Google Authenticator app from inside your terminal. Just install Stoken (a name derived by the combination of the words “Software” and “Token”) by running the following command:
 sudo apt-get install stoken


The command line version of Stoken is quite simple to use. After Stoken is installed on your system you can read the user manual by running the following command:

man stoken

The stoken manual pages


Stoken can be used very easily from within your terminal but it also comes with a simple graphical user interface (GUI). Here are some screen shots of what it looks like:

software token app gui
software token gui2
stoken-gui –small


Learn more about the Stoken software token application.

Visit the dedicated Sourceforge page here:

Visit the official Github repository here:

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