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Why People Argue Bitcoin Price but Miss the Bitcoin Value


The burdens of financial responsibilities begin to weigh down on us at an early age. For some, such as myself, the rat race began early. For others, more financially blessed, those burdens are postponed. But at the end of the day – at some point – the reality finally sets in: We need to eat, pay bills, and begin to provide for those we love.

This rat race of modern civilization is a story all too familiar to most. (Read more about my personal entrepreneurial journey here) For those who have embarked upon the raging roller coaster of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, the initial joy of discovering a potential way out from under the universal financial burdens of debt-driven greed-guided centralized banking was nothing shy of a total paradigm transformation. The light of hope – that this digital decentralized unstoppable new currency which has out performed all national currencies – soon became a centerpiece of our financial endeavors.

What we didn’t realize, though, was the gradual shifting of our conception of what Bitcoin really is at its core – what it really stands for and what it provides to humanity. At the time of its inception, the mysterious creator of Bitcoin began his earth-changing introduction with a simple and factual statement of our universal need: “What is needed is an electronic payment system based on cryptographic proof instead of trust.”

Satoshi speaks about the need for bitcoin


After experiencing injustice and pain at the hands of another person, we all begin to learn the value of trust. After getting hurt a few times more, the facts finally begin to set in and we realize that trust is something never to be given away blindly or without careful deliberate thought. Trust allows others to come close to us – to our hearts, our careers, our goals, our relationships, our passions, and our money.

You wouldn’t hand over your cash to a total stranger to watch over for you, right? Herein lies the problem – You may not willingly hand over cash to an unknown stranger but you hand over all of your bank accounts and credit lines and retirement savings to total strangers every single day by entrusting them into the hands of some of the most notorious thieves in human history: The share holders of the private centralized banking system.

(Learn more about the scam of central banking in my article: Currency Supply And Centralized Private Banking)

So to complete the logic of this section on Trust, it simply doesn’t make logical sense to entrust well dressed criminals with your hard earned money while blindly believing that they truly have your best interest at heart. (…which is why they charged you overdraft fees when you accidentally ran out of money – because your money can’t buy as much as it used to buy – because the banks ALSO decided to print more money without your permission which caused the purchasing power of the little money you had left to decrease by 2-4% every year… right? They really do care about you?)

This is why Satoshi invented Bitcoin – this is the reason behind ALL of it. CNBC put it best in their article from a couple years ago:

CNBC talks about bitcoin
Source: CNBC News


We all have bills to pay, and for many of us, bitcoin has done more than its share of helping us out in that department. But let’s never forget WHY this digital currency was invented by Satoshi.

In closing I’ll leave you with a few words from the New York Times best seller book, The Age of Cryptocurrency by Paul Vigna (markets reporter for The Wall Street Journal) and his co-author, Michael Casey (former global finance columnist for The Wall Street Journal):

Vigna and Casey Quote on Bitcoin

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