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Goals are very interesting in that they sprout from the very essence of who we are as people. Goals are the self-directed road map to where we each desire to go in life. Our choice of life goals is directly connected to the pains we have experienced.
Pain is a universal reveler of our true nature. It is within the fires of suffering that greatness is born and weakness is revealed. The pain we experience then translates into life-long reactions by the formation of goals (intentional or otherwise). These goals are our treasures which no man can take away.

After seeing how my reactions and responses to the events of life have formed the deep-seated foundations for all that I do, I have realized that one of the most powerful questions one can ask when attempting to discover the true nature of another person is quite simply, “what are your goals?” Know the goals of a person and you will know the summary of all that they are, all that they have suffered, and all that they aspire to do and become.

With all of that being said, the following three goals guide every decision that I make in my life:


To experience the most of life that I can in every way and to remain open minded to the ideas and cultures and personalities which have shaped the past and are forming the future, and to learn from them all.



To learn and to stretch my comprehension of reality even when doing so means that I must revise my own misconceptions about the world



To be free in every way and to promote freedom in every way and on the largest scale possible (financially, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, etc) even when such liberation defies the established norms of society. Any person, group, company, organization, or government which attempts to prevent or hamper my freedom or the freedom of any other human being is instantly and without question my sworn enemy and is, at the very least, to be removed from having any contact with or influence over my personal life and professional business dealings.


Expanding upon the third point above, I recorded a few thoughts which encompass the main thoughts and efforts which I exert toward the accomplishment and realization of true freedom in this world:

The solution to the slavery of debt begins with cryptocurrency and bitcoin

To learn more about my thoughts concerning the modern system of debt-slavery, please see my article, Currency Supply And Centralized Private Banking


This short video has always been a major inspiration to me. It captures much of the core ethos which drives my life on a day-to-day basis.




Many have said, “The only constant thing in the world is Change”. This statement is very true. And it is because of this fact that goals are so very important. Goals unlock your ability to control the ever-present forces of Change in your favor. Goals are the deadlines and destinations of your dreams. Without them you go nowhere and you remain no one and you accomplish nothing worth remembering or sharing or selling or fighting for.

What are your goals? If you don’t have goals then sit down sometime today and write them down. Even further than that – publish them online so that others can keep you in check if you ever start to drift off course.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. You can learn more about who I am, what I do, and what I’ve accomplished by checking out my short bio here: About Me

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