Fear vs Freedom

“I’d rather be a homeless man on a mission than an average guy without a reason to live.”

~ William Thompson

Have you ever felt that after putting in the time at work and all the time necessary to maintain your family and personal well being that the remaining time is too little to bother with “truly living”? It’s so boring most of the time and you wish with all your heart that you could go on an adventure or a vacation without having to miss payments on your bills and miss time at work – but you’re trapped.

With the way our society is structured people often fall into a rut that feels rather hopeless – I was there only a few years ago. I worked at a gas station. And no matter how hard I tried to climb the ranks or save money or allocate time to adventure, I couldn’t ignore the harsh reality that I was a slave to that lifestyle. The money was never quite enough so I had to cut out simple luxuries. The time was never enough so I had to cut out adventures. And at the end of the day I just wanted to get rested up so that I could adequately perform my job the following day. It was a hopeless cycle.

Then one day it dawned on me: the man who founded that chain of gas stations was living it up and not working any time he didn’t feel like working because I was keeping his company running (me and all of the other employees). I realized that if I was ever to achieve the freedom that I wanted so that I would be able to actually “live life” I would have to do what the founder of the gas station did and start my own company.

The thought was terrifying! I was a college dropout with no experience in business at all. But my desire to be free was heavier than my doubt and my fear so I closed my eyes and just did it – I took that leap off the cliff of the “normal life” into the fearful unknown… And I failed. The letdown of failure confused me and I fought depression. But still, my desire for freedom outweighed it all so I leaped out again… And failed again. But having already experienced failure before, I knew it wasn’t impossible to take another leap so I went again and again. I had so many ventures fail that I lost count. I wound up homeless with no money for food but I never stopped pushing.

Finally – just about the time when I had mastered the art of failure – things changed. My professional network had grown large by that point and my knowledge of how to build websites and marketing plans and logos and sales letters and my understanding of the inner workings of payment systems and the new decentralized anonymous digital currency systems had all grown to a point where everything started falling into place. And then it just snowballed from there on out.

I say all of that to say this: If you REALLY want freedom than you CAN have freedom if you overcome your fears and those lies about you not being good enough or strong enough or smart enough to make it work.

Live fearless and you will discover freedom. Live free and you will discover life.

“Let your hunger feed your hustle”

~ William Thompson


I took this photo while I was homeless. Late one night I stopped in at the local McDonald’s to draft up a plan for the venture which became Finexus Capital Group. I worked on that business plan until sunrise the following day.


Every daring journey requires a map – Goals are the road map to your future. Read my official list of life goals here: My Goals

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