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About Me

“Let your HUNGER feed your HUSTLE.
I’d rather attempt greatness and end up failing than attempt nothing great and end up succeeding.”

~ William Thompson


My name is William Thompson.

I am a multifaceted and energetic entrepreneur dedicated to achieving excellence in every task I set set my mind to. My success has not come from inherited power or wealth but from my own hard work – I built my empire one sleepless night at a time beginning on November 1st of 2015. I endured rejection, abuse, hunger and homelessness and have emerged hardened and unstoppable. Every decision I make is guided by specific and deliberate goals that I have established.

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William Thompson

I am a musician, military veteran, blockchain consultant, business owner, internationally published model and photographer, cryptocurrency trader, college dropout, anarchist, and a visionary.

I gladly welcome constructive criticism, advice, and the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to whatever mutually beneficial communications, growth, or creativity we may experience together.

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Primary Skills

  • Data Acquisition & Analysis
    • Web and social network scraping
    • Graphical data presentation
    • Complex pattern recognition
    • Predictive indicator discovery
  • Coding & Web Development
    • HTML
    • CSS
    • JS / JSON
    • Bash Shell Script
  • Cybersecurity
    • Wireless penetration testing
    • Practical cryptography
    • Communications exploitation
    • Social engineering
  • Business
    • Process optimization
    • Work flow automation
    • Workforce motivation
    • Strategic sales and marketing
  • Contract negotiation
    • Advisory agreements
    • B2B sales agreements
    • B2C sales agreements
    • Strategic partnerships

Contact Me

If you would like to chat with me directly, please use one of the following:

Telegram: @willinspire

willinspire on Telegram

You can also connect with me on other platforms using the following links:

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